Randy Reeves - Lead vocals, Guitar, Good Preach'in


Born in 1955 into a ministry family, Randy's father moved his family through much of Texas as he built up new churches, Pastored them to strong works, handing them off and moving on to the next work as the Holy Spirit called. Randy's family provided the music for these churches and a 5 year old Randy sang the high harmony parts. "I know..PK's are the worst but I was different. I was the worst and then some. Just ask my brother" says Randy. At the age of 15 the family was rocked to their foundation at the sudden and tragic passing of their father.

After the death of Randy's father, the family carried on in ministry. "Many times and in many churches after that we would sing to the glory of the Lord. I knew I was to sing for Jesus. I did have my rebellious years but never pursued trying to be famous or be a "singer". I've always felt the call of music ministry and sang with different groups. All of whom were a growing experience of me. I guess I never felt conformed to traditional church music. It's not that I don't like it, I just feel a different beat and style in my heart and head. I don't try to be different it just comes out that way. Singing some of the songs God has given to me in traditional churches makes some folks uneasy. But not me. All music is from God but some of it has been polluted to reach the flesh and not the spirit". According to Randy " to stereotype "church" music and say "this is how it should sound" is like saying "if you're not working for Jesus the way am, then you're just wrong. We all have a calling, if your serving Him".

Randy met and married the girl of his dreams over twenty eight years ago. They have three children, four grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter. Randy says "I know I am the most blessed man alive". 

In Randy's own words..."I can't say enough of how grateful I am to the Lord for choosing me to give so many songs to. They come to me in the same way you feel the urge to eat your next meal. You get the sensation it's time to eat and you eat. Sometimes I get the title and then the song and sometimes I get the whole song. I can no more take credit for these songs than the pen can for the writing of the constitution of the United States of America. My prayer is to glorify the Lord God for all He has done for me and to encourage, up-lift or inspire others to be all they can be for Jesus. If Crossfire can do that then......Praise God".

Ron Pardue - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Mandolin, Vocals, Exortation

Born in 1948 in Exeter California, Ron Pardue is affectionately known as "PawPaw" amongst the other members of the band. Ron was born into a Pastor's family that remains close to this day. When he was in the second grade the family moved from California to Arkansas where Ron lived until well after finishing college at the University of Arkansas. During college Ron took the path of many a child sheltered in the arms of the church and stretched his wings in the wrong direction.

"I started singing in clubs when I was 18 years old and started college. I started to learn to play the guitar at about the same time. I have no formal training in music but because of my wife I have learned to appreciate all kinds of good music". 

Originally it was all country for Ron and simple country at that. Until the age of 30 he kept playing and singing in honky tonks and clubs locally and did a few touring gigs here and there.  After 30 years old Ron quit playing professionally and as a matter of fact rarely picked up a guitar.

At the age of 45, just like the prodigal son, Ron Pardue returned to find his Father in Heaven was waiting with open arms and so was the church. By this time he had moved to Texas and married the love of his life,  Alice Forrester Pardue, who is an excellent musician and singer in her own right. He began playing  music again every week and eventually met Brad Allen at church when he moved back into the area. They struck up a fast friendship having so much in common and for the better part of 12 years played in the church worship band together along with Alice. 

Ron and Alice became worship leaders for a time at a church in the Terrell Texas area where they met Chris Bigley and his family who was playing bass for the church. Needing an extra musician to fill out the band the Pardue's invited Brad Allen and his wife Lee to come out and help. Thus 2/3 of CrossFire Gospel Band had met and began making music unto the Lord.

When asked about being a musician now as opposed to playing in clubs Ron said "Playing music is so much more now than just the music. It is a ministry, and I am truly blessed to be playing with the best bunch of guys ever, not to mention the musical ability each member brings to the table".

The band feels the same about Ron. CrossFire is blessed to have him not only for his musical ability but maybe even especially for his spiritual maturity. Ron has the most unique sense of humor of anyone you could meet. A constant source of laughter and joking in the band, he is a very self effacing person. He kids allot about being a little vertically challenged and it's difficult to get a straight answer to exactly how tall he is physically. But if you spend much time at all with this man it's not hard to see that spiritually he is a giant. 

Brad Allen - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals

Born and raised in Garland Texas in 1963 to a musical family, (According to Brad, his father Don Allen is still one of the best guitarists he's ever known). By the time he reached high school there was little doubt in his mind what he wanted to do. From the first time he touched one, the electric guitar was his passion and hard rock and heavy metal was the outlet for it. Brad began playing professionally by the time he was 17 years old, playing local bars and clubs in the Dallas area with a band formed with high school friends. He spent time on the road with that band before joining full time touring bands from Detroit, Oklahoma City and Houston.

In late winter of 1984, after years of touring and drug and alcohol abuse he found himself at the end of his rope although he didn't yet even realize it. "I think I'd tried it all and seen it all by then. I had become so jaded and cynical, completely strung out on cocaine and booze and had nothing of hope to hang onto except the dream that one day I might hit it big as a guitarist". God had begun dealing with Brad and not being raised in church and completely ignorant of spiritual things he really had no idea of what was going on. "I found myself so curious about God and was consumed by the question of the existence of a God. If He did exist, then who was He and what would His existance mean to me?"

One night in the late winter of 1984, after having been strung out for close to 10 days, Brad's body began to react very badly to the abuse. "My heart was beating very erratically. It felt as if it was starting and stopping and I assumed that this was the end for me. I didn't know anything about eternity so I didn't even have enough sense to be afraid. All I could think of was the question, "Is there really a God?" "That night, lying on the floor of my apartment, I prayed my first real prayer. It was simply, "God, if You're real, please just show me that You are."

Things began moving quickly at that point. Leaving the band in Houston overnight and joining a band from Chicago he ended up laying over in Dallas for a week. The question was burning him up at that point and while on the way to the airport to meet his new band in Chicago the dam finally broke. "Turn the car around and take me home, I have something I have to find out" he told the driver. The very next night he attended a local church service and ended up at an old bench style altar and gave his life to Jesus Christ. "It was like I had been in a dark room my whole life and someone suddenly turned on the light". Everything changed immediately. "Jesus changed my heart and gave me a new vision of what life was all about."

Shortly thereafter Brad met his wife of nearly 30 years while she was a music major at Jackson College of Ministries. "Lee has been my best friend and life partner all these years. She encourages me, challenges me, and has shown me how real love in marriage is an earthly expression of God's love for his bride". Brad and Lee have been involved in ministry almost their entire marriage. From youth pastor's to worship leaders to associate pastor's and even pastoring a church for a short time. All the while continuing to play in various Christian rock bands and worship bands in various forms. They have two sons, Aaron Michael and Remington Chase, both of whom are musicians, Aaron having recorded with the Youth for the Nations group at CFNI where he attended Bible college and Chase studying the bass guitar.

In September of 09 Brad was asked by long time friends Ron Pardue and Chris Bigley to come and check out this new country band they were playing in. "I don't play country music and I can't do this is what I told them. Because they didn't give up I decided to go out and prove to them that I was the wrong guy for the job". That was over 5 years ago now and CrossFire has welcomed Brad with open arms. "I've never felt more in the will of God before" said Brad.

Albert Garcia - Bass Guitar


Born in 1982 in Archer Texas, Albert Garcia is the youngest member of CGB. But he plays and contributes to the ministry like an old hand. Albert grew up the youngest of 4 in a household full of musicians. As he relates the story -"Dad and my brothers all played in church when I was a kid and that was my first exposure to music". Although it took a while to take hold eventually Albert got the bug too and at the age of 14 he took up the drums and began playing in church. A year later switching from drums to bass guitar Albert found his musical love after hearing bass guitar giants like Fred Hammond and Victor Wooten. After playing bass with his family in church for several years Albert decided to give the bar scene a whirl and began to play Tejano and Country music around Texas. But the reality of that lifestyle soon caused him to give it up altogether. Much time had now passed and Albert had married his hometown sweetheart Jennifer and started a beautiful family. His and Jennifer's daughter Faith was the first to arrive followed a few years later by Albert Blake. Albert had always had a belief in God and understood who Jesus Christ was but there was still something missing in his life.

Just like the Lord had done with the rest of the guys He started with where Albert was and the gifts He had already given him to bring Albert to the place He wanted him to be. One day while perusing Craigslist, Albert came across an ad for semi local band looking for a bass player. "It had to have been God leading me because I had no idea that Craigslist even had band want ads. I was looking for music equipment and stumbled onto the ad" he said. The ad was placed by CGB, looking for a replacement for the original bassist for the band, Chris Bigley.

As the guys tell it, "Chris had decided to move on to a different area of ministry, and we had just finished recording the Wings CD. We didn't really know any other bassists, and we had no idea what to do other than to keep looking. One day the Lord simultaneously gave the idea to a couple of the guys to put an ad on a major market Craigslist. We had several people answer the ad and rehearsed with one that had a lot of ministry experience and was a great musician. We asked him to pray about being in the band and were convinced he was a good fit. But he called up and said that for some reason, as much as he wanted to, the Lord was telling him that this was not his place. We were disappointed but shortly thereafter we got a call from Albert. We met at Brad's house in Rockwall for a jam session and within minutes we knew why the other guy wasn't supposed to take the gig. Albert jumped in like he'd been there all along. He's a fantastic musician with an ear second to none. He was smiling the entire time and had such a wonderful spirit about him. After the jam session we were sitting around talking about our hopes and dreams for CGB when Randy (our resident evangelist) asked Albert about the condition of his soul. He asked Albert the question - If you died today do you know for sure if you'd go to heaven.....Albert answered..I hope so. You see Albert had spent a lot of time in church and had confessed Jesus as the Son of God. He knew who He was but had not yet known Him personally. Right there in that rehearsal room Albert received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. To us, he's our child in the Lord and Albert "Ray" Garcia is very very special to our hearts."

Albert spent the next year playing and ministering with the band and growing in the Lord until a job change forced him to resign for a year. 

Now a year later Albert is back where he belongs. Playing bass, contributing with songwriting and becoming the minister that God has called him to be. Hallelujah!!

Bill McLean - Drums


Bio Coming Soon...

He's just a drummer

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