OOOOOK.....So I just noticed that it's been a little tooooo long since we checked in with info. Some might say we don't understand blogging. Some could be right. But!! Let me recap the past year anyway.....First the less important stuff. We were honored at the ICGMA Conference 2013 with our second "Band of the Year" award in a row. Brad was honored with the "Instrumentalist of the Year" award at the same conference. We also received the "Band of the Year" award and "Favorite Song" award for Wings of My Salvation at Agape Fest. All we can say is WOW!! THANK YOU!! AND PRAISE THE LORD!!...for every award and nomination. 

Now to some important stuff.... Earlier this year Darrell Hesse who had been playing bass for us made the decision to move on to other things. We wish him the best of everything and have nothing but sincere thanks for his contributions to this ministry. 

We are happy to announce that Albert Garcia is back on bass!!

During the past year we have been blessed to minister at many events and churches in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Every single one of them have been awesome. But to hit just a few....we were invited and blessed to be the first artists to minister on HLE Radio's live 2 hour show "HLE Unplugged". The radio audience was over 60,000 listeners. What an incredible time!! Just a few weeks ago we were invited to minister at the Middleton Prison Unit in Abilene Texas where we saw the Lord save over 60 of the inmates that day. We seen God do amazing things this past year. Many blessings and many souls have come to the Lord. It's what drives us to do what we do and we thank God everyday that He allows us to do this. 

As of this writing we are about 3/4 finished with the new CD. Don't yet have a name for it but we'll get there. Hopefully we'll see a release date of August or September. Keep and eye out!!

Blessings Ya'll!!


I know it's been a while since we posted here and we apologize for that. There's been quite a bit happening since January.

First things first. We prayed and God answered our prayer so you may have noticed a new face in the pictures on the website and on Facebook. That would be none other than Lonesome Darrell Hesse, our new bass player. Darrell is not only a great musician but a great guy and a lover of Jesus and we welcome him with open arms. He's been rehearsing and ministering with the band now for about five months and doing a great job. Thank you Lord for sending us the man You would have in that place!!

Also in the last few months, the band was honored with a top 5 nomination for Favorite Band at CGM.

Plans for a new CD are in the works and we have a wonderful man of God and musical powerhouse that will be producing the project. Details to follow on that one. God has given us soooo many new songs to choose from and we are soooo thankful for that. Look for titles like - B4 Him, Never Give You Up, Mama Prayed, God's Got a Plan and many others. 

Most importantly, the Lord is continually doing a work in the ministry of Crossfire Gospel Band and in the individual members. We're growing as a ministry and as Christians. It's all about Jesus!!

It is with the most profound sense of sadness that we announce the departure of Albert Garcia from the ministry of Crossfire Gospel Band. Albert came to us a few months back with the news that there would be changes in his work schedule that would prevent him continuing with us. This something that none of us wanted or expected, least of all Albert.

Albert and his family became part of our family in August of 2011 and they've been a constant source of blessing.

Albert is an extremely talented individual, playing many instruments well and was a great contributor to our sound, but just as important has been his infectious smile and unwavering good attitude. Tough times or good times Albert stayed a positive force in the ministry.

There was much prayer in confirming the decision and many tears shed afterward. God's will be done.

We are grateful to God for what time we had with Albert and wish him the best in all he put's his hand to do.

Distance may separate us but our hearts will always knit together in our Savior Jesus and the ministry we've shared.

God Bless You Albert will be missed.

I like antiques. I like The History Channel. I like even like old movies. But if there's one thing I really like to do, it's get together with old friends and family from time to time and reminisce. Thinking back on good times and laughing. Even remembering the trying times and giving God the praise that He saw us through it. I think it's good to look back. It's good for our faith. It's easy to forget all the great things God has done for us it we don't look back to see where he's brought us from every once in a while. 

Everyday is a new adventure. At least it should be. The journey of walking with God in the Gospel of His Son Jesus Christ is the journey of a lifetime for the believer. You never know what new thing is going to happen or who you might meet. We've gotten to minister at some really great churches here in the last few weeks and were able to perform at benefit shows for very worthy causes. We've seen God do some great things. From cancer patients having their medical bills paid to being able to minister to cowboys from the top of an arena rail. Folks giving their life to the Lord in a parking lot.....Just awesome things. We've also met some really great fellow soldiers in the Army of the Lord and come to realize that in the world of Country Gospel Music, God has made so many of us of the same mind and motivation. To see souls come to the Lord. Recently we met several new friends in the arena of radio ministry. Hunter Logan, Charlie Boot, Ricky Russ, Tim Livingston, Marty Smith, Ron Short, Keith Hosom, Ken Iverson and the list goes on and on. We're thankful to God to be associated with these folks as an extension of their ministry and they an extension of ours. It's really the body concept. The way that God designed us to function. We need each other. And so the journey continues. Everyday is a new adventure. And you never know if that next person you meet is going to make an impact on your life or you on theirs. Just remember, God's got a plan for your life and it's the journey of a lifetime. 

The whirlwind of God's blessings continue. Quite a bit has happened since our last post. We have been blessed to see more new souls come into the Kingdom while ministering. One in front of Randy's truck in a parking lot. The devil never should have let that boy ask Randy if he had the correct time. Now he has eternity. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

Our second song released for radio airplay (Wings of My Salvation) is climbing the charts. As of this time it has been in the charts for two months and jumped to #54. Thank the Lord for that. Having songs on the radio is opening doors for us to minister in places we never dreamed of so please keep us in your prayers for that.

The video for Wings of My Salvation is out and on YouTube as well as at least 4 or 5 television stations in the southern half of the US. 

Earlier this month we were honored, blessed and absolutely shocked to have received the award for Band of the Year from the International Country Gospel Association. To God be all the glory in all this.

We'll be in Tatum Texas this weekend at Bar None Cowboy church, Saturday the 25th in Waco Texas and Sunday the 26th at Ellis County Cowboy Church in Waxahachie Texas. That should round out a great August.

Blessing to Ya'll and thanks again for your prayers and support.

The last couple of months have been a bit of a whirlwind for us. Lots of places to minister and lots of folks to meet. New songs are developing from God's inspiration. Ideas floating around about how to do this or that better. The video for "Wings of My Salvation" is complete and getting great response. God is sharpening the vision he gave us for what this ministry is all about. Everything is so exciting and so humbling at the same time. 

One of the coolest things God has allowed has been to let us meet and get to know a bunch of other Inspirational Country artists. We've gotten not only to pick and sing with them but sit and listen to their hearts for Jesus. Folks like Sandie Dickey and John Randolph. Chuck Day and Tommy Brandt. They're some of the nicest, most humble and giving people you'd ever want to meet. They've taken the time and effort to share their experiences and wisdom with us and have extended the hand of friendship.

It's a big ol world out there and there's a whole lot of ministry to be done before the Lord comes back to take us all home. It was never the plan of God for any one or two of us to get all the harvesting done alone. It's God's plan for us to be together. United in cause and in heart as we occupy the same body of Christ. Shoulder to shoulder we work to get it done. We don't all perform in the same area of ministry either. You are what God called you to be. From the Apostle to the person putting chili on the hot dog at the church social. It takes us all.

So look around and see who God's put in your neck of the woods. Someone of like heart that you'd be tickled to hang out with. Be a friend to. Someone to walk with on this journey. It could be the blessing of a lifetime.

Every once in a while I have what I refer to as a "duh" revelation. When something I already know suddenly really hits home. I remember one time I was driving my truck to work early in the morning when out of nowhere I understood that Jesus was with me. I mean really right there with me. Sounds crazy right? I mean what Christian doesn't know that? But knowing it in your head and knowing it in your heart are really two different things. And when you know something in your heart it changes you.

A little earlier tonight I had another one. Here goes:

For absolutely no good reason God one day revealed His love and mercy to me. I had never in my life done anything to deserve it. The sum total of every "good deed" I had accomplished to that point added up to merit possibly a cold cup of coffee and maybe not that. BUT, nevertheless God showed me love. 

Now you must realize that to this point not only was I short on good deeds but I'd done more to be unloveable to more people than most can accomplish in a lifetime. But to be fair I had worked real hard at being self centered, manipulative, and completely unfair. So I had earned the distain of those around me. BUT God showed me love.

Why would a completely righteous God show unmerited favor to a completely unrighteous person?

Can I tell you what I think?

By taking a chance on me and showing me love first, God in His wisdom was giving me the opportunity to know Him and thereby fall completely in love with Him. I would have never been able to love Him had he not loved me first. Without His first step I would remain unchanged and ultimately received the reward I genuinely deserved which is eternal death. But because He loved me I now have eternal life. Actually I wouldn't have even been able to call on Him had He not loved me and called on me first.

And not only that but now He's given me the step by step manual on how to help other people find this same unfathomable love.

To love those that are doing their best to be unloveable. And do it for no good reason.

You see "love conquers all"

Check out Luke 6:32-40 and then look around and see if there's an unloveable person somewhere around you that can be loved into the kingdom. 

Well Cowboys and Cowgirls it's been exciting around here of late. God is busy being so awesome it blows our boots off. (or shoes if you're Ron) Anyway, just to give you a catch up here's what's been happening in CGB land.

The song "Jesus is Knocking" is hanging on in the charts. In May we are sitting at #67 on the CVM chart and at #69 on the Power Source chart. There are many fine folks that work very hard to keep the Country Gospel Music industry up and running so that the message of Christ and Him crucified can be preached through song to those that are supposed to hear it. The June reports are in for CVM and the song is back at #18 there. Thanks so much to the DJ's for playing the song and for all the folks who call in and request it.

We have released the song "Wings of My Salvation" on Canyon Creek Records for 1st of June. We have such high hope or this song as it has really ministered to folks in a live setting. So many have so kindly called and wrote to give a testimony of God using the song during a portion of their lives. We couldn't be more humbled and blessed to hear of these times. PLEASE keep us in prayer on this one.

Agape Fest is coming up the 20th - 23rd of June in Aledo Texas. If your in that area please stop by and say hi. There will be hundreds of artists from the Country Gospel Music industry there to meet, talk with and see perform. Just Goggle Agape Fest and you'll be able to get info on all this. 

Over Memorial Day weekend we were in Tyler Texas to shoot our very first music video to go with the release of Wings of My Salvation. Perfect Iris Productions were really awesome and went way beyond the extra mile to make this video as good as it can be. Les and Cassandra Gaddis and John Vincer put blood sweat and tears into their work. Literally needing first aid at one point. If you're an artist looking for the highest quality video and the best price possible drop us a line and we'll get you their info.

Also special thanks to Collin Street Bakery and their staff and management for letting us shoot there, Pastor Mike Morrow and Crossbrand Cowboy Church for use of the arena and several of the congregation and staff for being in the video. The Westberry family for the use of their land and out buildings for shooting. And finally the City of Tyler Texas for letting us tie up some sidewalks and streets in old downtown to shoot some footage. 

On the last day of the shoot in Tyler, several homeless came around to see what the fuss was about and we had the chance to minister to and pray with several of them. 

So to sum it all up, GOD IS GREAT!!! And we're all so excited to be a part of this ministry.

Blessings Ya'll

Sometimes life can get a little "same ol' same ol'" if you know what I mean. And if you've lived on this earth for any amount of time I suspect you do. Whether you're in school, going through classes, athletics, homework, dinner, shower and back up the next morning to do it again. Or you've progressed a little in age and you're doing the routine at your job you can expect things to be pretty same-y most of the time. 

But once in a while God drops something on you that just floors you. Recently we had one of those times. 

Now I'm not going to pretend that we don't LOVE being in the ministry. Cause we do. And on top of that the LORD let's us do what we love most while we're doing it. Oftentimes when we start playing I'll hear one of the guys say to another one, "can you believe we get to do this". Honestly it never gets old. And we all feel that we're the most blessed fella's in the world. We get to see lost people meet Jesus Christ for the first time. We get to see folks that might have lost a little fire recommit to walking closely with their God. We have the privilege of praying with and ministering to the finest folks God placed on this earth. And while I wouldn't describe all this as becoming same-y I would say that we expect to be the one's doing the ministry. Very humbly I'll use the word "givers". Now God has never been one to be out-given and we get back everything we give out at least 10 fold in one way or another. The Lord makes sure of that.

This time was just a tad different though. We spent three days playing and ministering to some really special folks. The Lord allowed us to see 10 new souls enter into His grace. And we got to pray and see the Lord work in deliverance ministry as well. We played three sets in those three days, including a hour and a half concert on Saturday night. All that was worth a hundred times the amount of miles we traveled to get there (bout 400 one way if the truth be known) and what it cost us to get there and do it. But what was really different about this was the way we felt as we pulled out of the parking lot that Sunday afternoon. It seemed to us that we were the ones ministered to.

From the moment we got there till the moment we left, we were fed, loved on, looked after, given to and blessed by some genuine Christian folks. They poured out on us all that they had with a smile on their faces and a fire for God in their hearts. Many of them had no church background to speak of. They'd been drug addicts and alcoholics. Hardcore La Vida Loca sinners that had been around the block numerous times. But somewhere along the way they'd met Jesus. And it really showed. And as hard as we tried to give they just kept giving back. We even tried to buy a cake at a cake auction to benefit the church. One of the members there outbid us with a pretty serious bid and then turned around and gave the cake to us so we'd have something to snack on back at the hotel room. They sent us on our way with full bellies, shirts, hats, extra food and more than enough to cover our costs and enough to get to the next place God called us to. But more than that they sent us away with full spirits and humbled hearts and the knowledge that we'd been in the presence of the King of Kings. And we left there in tears. Both of joy and honestly a few cause we just didn't want to go.

What we witnessed there was what Jude called a "love feast". Believers looking after the needs of other believers without much concern for their own needs.  

Now I don't want to make it seem that other churches haven't been a blessing to us. Nothing could be further from the truth. From far south Texas to far north Texas to far east Texas and far west Texas we've been blessed by the people of God in more ways than we can count. And we've almost always been sent away with more than we came with. That's just the way God's people roll. And I'm not saying one church is better than another.

What I'm saying is that at that point in time God showed us something special. Nothing more, nothing less.  

We just wanted to stop and say thanks to all of you for your prayers and support of this ministry. People make a difference in the Kingdom of God. We ALL have, in His wisdom been chosen to play a part in God's plan of redemption by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world. Every person you meet is someone that Jesus died for and it's imperative that they hear the good news. So tell someone!! 

Thanks so much to all the radio stations around the US that have chosen to play our songs. We pray for you as you do what you are called to do. Christian music makes a difference in the airwaves!!!

Jesus is Knocking from the Wings of My Salvation CD is at #18 on the Country Gospel charts as we write this. Thanks to everyone that calls in and makes a request, plays the CD with your truck windows down, and tells a friend about us. Ya'll rock our world!!

Been a while since we checked in here but we wanted to stop by and say thanks to everyone for all your support. Last February the Holy Spirit began dealing with us to do a second recording and after much prayer the songs, studio and all other related things were chosen. It was a lot of hard work and a lot of fun as well, and we made some great new friends. The result is our second CD "Wings of My Salvation".  One of the goals with this recording was to get the music that God had given on the airwaves of the world so that the gospel could be spread. God has opened some doors for the music and we are seeing Jesus do some great things. The song "Jesus is Knocking" was picked for the first try at radio airplay. We are blessed and humbled to announce that it has reached #2 in the St. Louis area and in Texas has moved from #93 to #72 in the top 100 of Country Gospel Music. God continues to blow our minds.

Whatever God calls you to, He equips you and gives you a passion for. Don't give up on the dreams that the Lord has placed in your hearts. 

God's richest and best to you.


Randy, Brad, David, Albert and Ron

Crossfire Gospel Band

Well things happen fast sometimes. A few months ago worry and fear were trying to stick their ugly heads through the door. And although we can honestly say that try as they might they didn't get in, there was the feeling of frustration here and there. So much going on but still a little uncertainty when things would get back off the ground. Looking back on things it was really less than a month though it seemed longer at the time. God has been so good to us. 

We have a new member, bassist Albert Garcia and he is an incredible blessing. He has such a great attitude not only about the ministry and the music but also about life in general. Always smiling, he's just fun to be around. Not counting the fact that he's a monster musician.

We were short a major amount of equipment just a few months ago. Now we're looking for space to put it all. We also have a comfortable place to rehearse and write new music that's logistically right smack in the middle of where we all live. 

The new CD "Wings of My Salvation" has officially been released and is available here on the website,, Itunes, Amazon, Napster and several other places.

Just today I heard "He's the Door" from that CD on a local radio station and some other songs are set to go on an East Texas FM station this coming Sunday morning.

To top it all off God is continually giving us new material to write and new places and people to minister to.

Like we said - Good things abound.

We said all that not just to keep ya'll up with what going on in the ministry but to also say that if God will take care of a bunch of backward folks like us He'll take plenty good care of you too. There is no need He won't meet. No place too far for Him to go to save you, bless you, provide for you, heal you or restore you.

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