Every once in a while I have what I refer to as a "duh" revelation. When something I already know suddenly really hits home. I remember one time I was driving my truck to work early in the morning when out of nowhere I understood that Jesus was with me. I mean really right there with me. Sounds crazy right? I mean what Christian doesn't know that? But knowing it in your head and knowing it in your heart are really two different things. And when you know something in your heart it changes you.

A little earlier tonight I had another one. Here goes:

For absolutely no good reason God one day revealed His love and mercy to me. I had never in my life done anything to deserve it. The sum total of every "good deed" I had accomplished to that point added up to merit possibly a cold cup of coffee and maybe not that. BUT, nevertheless God showed me love. 

Now you must realize that to this point not only was I short on good deeds but I'd done more to be unloveable to more people than most can accomplish in a lifetime. But to be fair I had worked real hard at being self centered, manipulative, and completely unfair. So I had earned the distain of those around me. BUT God showed me love.

Why would a completely righteous God show unmerited favor to a completely unrighteous person?

Can I tell you what I think?

By taking a chance on me and showing me love first, God in His wisdom was giving me the opportunity to know Him and thereby fall completely in love with Him. I would have never been able to love Him had he not loved me first. Without His first step I would remain unchanged and ultimately received the reward I genuinely deserved which is eternal death. But because He loved me I now have eternal life. Actually I wouldn't have even been able to call on Him had He not loved me and called on me first.

And not only that but now He's given me the step by step manual on how to help other people find this same unfathomable love.

To love those that are doing their best to be unloveable. And do it for no good reason.

You see "love conquers all"

Check out Luke 6:32-40 and then look around and see if there's an unloveable person somewhere around you that can be loved into the kingdom. 

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