The last couple of months have been a bit of a whirlwind for us. Lots of places to minister and lots of folks to meet. New songs are developing from God's inspiration. Ideas floating around about how to do this or that better. The video for "Wings of My Salvation" is complete and getting great response. God is sharpening the vision he gave us for what this ministry is all about. Everything is so exciting and so humbling at the same time. 

One of the coolest things God has allowed has been to let us meet and get to know a bunch of other Inspirational Country artists. We've gotten not only to pick and sing with them but sit and listen to their hearts for Jesus. Folks like Sandie Dickey and John Randolph. Chuck Day and Tommy Brandt. They're some of the nicest, most humble and giving people you'd ever want to meet. They've taken the time and effort to share their experiences and wisdom with us and have extended the hand of friendship.

It's a big ol world out there and there's a whole lot of ministry to be done before the Lord comes back to take us all home. It was never the plan of God for any one or two of us to get all the harvesting done alone. It's God's plan for us to be together. United in cause and in heart as we occupy the same body of Christ. Shoulder to shoulder we work to get it done. We don't all perform in the same area of ministry either. You are what God called you to be. From the Apostle to the person putting chili on the hot dog at the church social. It takes us all.

So look around and see who God's put in your neck of the woods. Someone of like heart that you'd be tickled to hang out with. Be a friend to. Someone to walk with on this journey. It could be the blessing of a lifetime.

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