Sometimes life can get a little "same ol' same ol'" if you know what I mean. And if you've lived on this earth for any amount of time I suspect you do. Whether you're in school, going through classes, athletics, homework, dinner, shower and back up the next morning to do it again. Or you've progressed a little in age and you're doing the routine at your job you can expect things to be pretty same-y most of the time. 

But once in a while God drops something on you that just floors you. Recently we had one of those times. 

Now I'm not going to pretend that we don't LOVE being in the ministry. Cause we do. And on top of that the LORD let's us do what we love most while we're doing it. Oftentimes when we start playing I'll hear one of the guys say to another one, "can you believe we get to do this". Honestly it never gets old. And we all feel that we're the most blessed fella's in the world. We get to see lost people meet Jesus Christ for the first time. We get to see folks that might have lost a little fire recommit to walking closely with their God. We have the privilege of praying with and ministering to the finest folks God placed on this earth. And while I wouldn't describe all this as becoming same-y I would say that we expect to be the one's doing the ministry. Very humbly I'll use the word "givers". Now God has never been one to be out-given and we get back everything we give out at least 10 fold in one way or another. The Lord makes sure of that.

This time was just a tad different though. We spent three days playing and ministering to some really special folks. The Lord allowed us to see 10 new souls enter into His grace. And we got to pray and see the Lord work in deliverance ministry as well. We played three sets in those three days, including a hour and a half concert on Saturday night. All that was worth a hundred times the amount of miles we traveled to get there (bout 400 one way if the truth be known) and what it cost us to get there and do it. But what was really different about this was the way we felt as we pulled out of the parking lot that Sunday afternoon. It seemed to us that we were the ones ministered to.

From the moment we got there till the moment we left, we were fed, loved on, looked after, given to and blessed by some genuine Christian folks. They poured out on us all that they had with a smile on their faces and a fire for God in their hearts. Many of them had no church background to speak of. They'd been drug addicts and alcoholics. Hardcore La Vida Loca sinners that had been around the block numerous times. But somewhere along the way they'd met Jesus. And it really showed. And as hard as we tried to give they just kept giving back. We even tried to buy a cake at a cake auction to benefit the church. One of the members there outbid us with a pretty serious bid and then turned around and gave the cake to us so we'd have something to snack on back at the hotel room. They sent us on our way with full bellies, shirts, hats, extra food and more than enough to cover our costs and enough to get to the next place God called us to. But more than that they sent us away with full spirits and humbled hearts and the knowledge that we'd been in the presence of the King of Kings. And we left there in tears. Both of joy and honestly a few cause we just didn't want to go.

What we witnessed there was what Jude called a "love feast". Believers looking after the needs of other believers without much concern for their own needs.  

Now I don't want to make it seem that other churches haven't been a blessing to us. Nothing could be further from the truth. From far south Texas to far north Texas to far east Texas and far west Texas we've been blessed by the people of God in more ways than we can count. And we've almost always been sent away with more than we came with. That's just the way God's people roll. And I'm not saying one church is better than another.

What I'm saying is that at that point in time God showed us something special. Nothing more, nothing less.  

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