OOOOOK.....So I just noticed that it's been a little tooooo long since we checked in with info. Some might say we don't understand blogging. Some could be right. But!! Let me recap the past year anyway.....First the less important stuff. We were honored at the ICGMA Conference 2013 with our second "Band of the Year" award in a row. Brad was honored with the "Instrumentalist of the Year" award at the same conference. We also received the "Band of the Year" award and "Favorite Song" award for Wings of My Salvation at Agape Fest. All we can say is WOW!! THANK YOU!! AND PRAISE THE LORD!!...for every award and nomination. 

Now to some important stuff.... Earlier this year Darrell Hesse who had been playing bass for us made the decision to move on to other things. We wish him the best of everything and have nothing but sincere thanks for his contributions to this ministry. 

We are happy to announce that Albert Garcia is back on bass!!

During the past year we have been blessed to minister at many events and churches in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Every single one of them have been awesome. But to hit just a few....we were invited and blessed to be the first artists to minister on HLE Radio's live 2 hour show "HLE Unplugged". The radio audience was over 60,000 listeners. What an incredible time!! Just a few weeks ago we were invited to minister at the Middleton Prison Unit in Abilene Texas where we saw the Lord save over 60 of the inmates that day. We seen God do amazing things this past year. Many blessings and many souls have come to the Lord. It's what drives us to do what we do and we thank God everyday that He allows us to do this. 

As of this writing we are about 3/4 finished with the new CD. Don't yet have a name for it but we'll get there. Hopefully we'll see a release date of August or September. Keep and eye out!!

Blessings Ya'll!!


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